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my new hamster.
As adorable as this is, let's keep this community strictly related to longboarding, unless this hamster can do kickflips and toeside speed checks.
Oopsy forgive me! I see now this was in the general news section and the comments were for where it was posted under Boarding! Sorry! Maybe the Hamster rides the rails with her dudes? Da ya think? Boarders weren't uptight in our days! Once a Boarder always! Still do a little with my friends kids just to shock them! Dudes don't think people don't pocket their little fury pals for the ride! A Boarder wanted to share her pal is that so bad? If it is not appropriate Vingle will take it down nicely and politely. Enjoy Boarding!
I think he or she is cute! Look at that little personality! How could you not love that face! I see the other posts about removing his/her little picture so I guess I too am confused as to why he/she doesn't belong here? It is an animal like dogs and cats just in a different form so I am confused?
I completely agree with @Shulace this shouldn't be posted here. Doesn't fit the rules/guidelines.
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