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I just ordered these extensions last night I'm super excited. There going to be 24 inches and 260g platinum blonde. I paid 280 dollars for them I post again about them once they come to tell you guys what there like I'm super excited.
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@Charissacasii Awww...where do you order them?
vpfashion. it say for customization and delivery for my extensions is going to take 18 to 20 business. so to make the extensions and send them out will take almost a month
I talked to them cuz I was curious because most of the extensions took about 4 to 5 days I'm like why it was a month the ones I ordered (the one in the photo) are very uncommon for ppl to buy so they don't keep them in stock so mine is custom order. @Charissacasii
@Charissacasii Aww what a bummer. I was looking forward to your review. I guess I'll have to wait.