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Valve has announced their own virtual reality headset. Teaming up with HTC, the new device is called the HTC Vive and will present full room 360 degree experiences in virtual reality gaming to the world. More information is expected to be dropped at this year’s Game Developer Conference (GDC) trade industry event. Capabilities currently confirmed include 90 Frames Per Second visuals (compared to the latest Oculus rendition only achieving around 75) and audio quality that is currently being described as high fidelity by Valve. The developer kit version of this headset becomes available Spring 2015 and some partners already involved include Vertigo Games, Fireproof Games, as well as Bossa Studios. Lionsgate and HBO have also announced partnerships with HTC and Valve that will see cinematic content also arriving on the device when it finally hits retail Holiday 2015. The device will work with something called SteamVR base stations and is equipped with 70 sensors internally. The virtual environment that will be accomplished because of this is going to be larger than anything seen in the VR space thus far and allows for 15 x 15 ft. of simulated movement in terms of perspective posturing. When Vive ships to retail, consumers will be given two controllers to have wireless interaction with their environment rather than rely on simply eye and hand gesturing. Currently not much information is known about them though. http://bit.ly/1E7VBB1
I'm impassioned to try it
I must say, it does look pretty nice! I wonder why Valve went with HTC for this?
I've heard good things so far. Now that we have the Oculus Rift, the HTC device, and Project Morpheus I'm excited to see who comes out on top!