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So everyone probably tried Biore's pore strip at one point. The intent of pore strip is to remove blackheads. I don't know how it works for you but they DO NOT remove all of my blackheads. So, what's the point if it doesn't fully work? If you have the same problem I discovered a method called "desincrustation" solution. This is used by esthetician when they do extraction on the skin. Basically, this solution make blackheads easier to remove by loosening up clogged pores. Instead of going in for a facial to get your pores unclogged you can do this at home with 2 ingredients!


1: Stir the baking soda into water and soak cotton pads in the mixture.
2: Squeeze excess liquid out of pads, and press firmly onto your nose and cheeks to form a tight seal. Leave on for 10 minutes, then pull off.
3: Re-wet your nose with the baking soda–water mixture and apply the pore strip. Wait per the directions.
4: Remove pore strip and kiss TONS of blackheads goodbye.
Tip: Resist the temptation to add more baking soda to the mixture. This makes the solutions less effective, since the baking soda build-up keeps the strip from adhering to skin.
NOTE: Make sure you do a baking soda patch test on your skin before using it on your face. Some of you might be allergic to baking soda and this method might irritate your skin.
I was really pleased with this method — it removed at least twice as many blackheads as a strip on its own. Seriously! Give this a try and let me know how it goes.
Love it when baking soda fixes yet another problem
@beywatch have you tried this method?
@ChelseaHeyes I think so!
What if we use a different type of pore strip?
WHOA REALLY? Me and my bff were texting about biore strips earlier today. She would love to know about this. She uses her nose strips on her chin too
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