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February Creative Writing Community Wrap Up!
Hello everyone! It is officially March, which means it's time for me to make some announcements. Keep reading to find out the details!

1. February Best Collections

I can feature two collections as moderator, and I've decided to feature two collections that were great during February, and deserve your attention. I decided this based on how often they were updated, the strength of the writing included, and the design of the collection name&cover! Here they are:
Please check out these collections! They'll be featured for the next few weeks.

2. New Community Staff

Since we have so many people writing lately, I thought it was time to recruit some community friends to help me out! So, we now have four Community Advisors!
They're not here to edit your work, but to give feedback, constructive criticism, praise, and more on every card! Please enjoy their comments: they're given honestly, in hopes of making this a place where all writers can learn and grow!

Community Advisors:

Say "welcome" to them in the comments!

3. Weekly Best Cards!

As usual, I'd like to highlight my favorite cards of the week--please enjoy reading them, and give them feedback through comments, likes and clips.
Have a great week, everybody!
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