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Don't drink too much at this wedding reception because you may not remember a thing. And at $25,000 for a measly four hours, you better have every second of your wedding burned into your brain forever! But is an experience at 360* Chicago really better than New York's, The Plaza?
Formerly known as the John Hancock Observatory, 360* Chicago, is the privately French-owned 94th floor attraction at the John Hancock Tower. This is not the famed Signature Room dining restaurant! Don't freak out.
You're not just paying for the view at 360* Chicago, you're also getting access to one of the scariest things you can do in the Midwest! 1000 feet in the air, the Tilt attraction was the first of its kind in the world--allowing up to eight guests to straddle two handle bars and suspend out and over the building--to see straight down to the street!
If you've got cash to burn and a guest list no larger than 400, then you can afford to drop the $25,000 it will cost just to rent the venue space. That doesn't include the time and additional cost to set up and strike the event.
I'm going to guess that if you're hosting your wedding reception here, then you've probably got rubies and untold jewels worth about four small countries sitting on your finger! I am so jealous!
Oh Jesus. I'm terrified of heights. Just imagining this is giving me mild vertigo.
Im not scared of heights, just scared of falling. lol
I grew up around Detroit long time ago. We begged our papa to take us to chicago. Wasn't until high school that I went. Never went to the hancock observatory. TILT looks so cool
I can't imagine doing what those people are doing. What if it breaks?
last time I was visiting chicago I went to the sears tower. cool view
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