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Listen up my little darlings, you too can have the dreamiest diamond engagement ring ever for just about nothing, which sorta makes it free. Sorta. By that I mean, after you've done what I discovered, you'll be left with a ring that is not only gaw-gessss, it will have been paid for through other, creative means.
Mind you, I've never done this but the theory isn't new and it's been touted as something that really works. Be my guest and try it.
Step 1
Forget about shopping for rings. You need to look for loose diamonds.
Step 2.
Find three stones you are in love with. Then find 2-3 stones that are nice, but not your style.
Step 3.
Buy all the stones loose at wholesale. Pricing in bulk at wholesale will cost you upfront, but don't panic.
Step 4.
Out of the three stones you love, choose one to be mounted professionally.
Step 5.
Add up the cost of all the stones and the cost of getting your stone mounted. Get that number and round up and don't forget it.
Step 6.
Search out several estate diamond buyers. You can find them online. Check reviews and don't be pressured into settling on one. Find one you are comfortable with who also gives you fair value for your diamonds.
When selling your diamonds back, be sure to have all the GIA certifications for them. This will speed up the process and you won't have to rely on their in-house gemologists.
Now I ask each of you, Would you risk investing in wholesale diamonds in order to sell them for profit to cover the cost of your engagement ring?
I'd be afraid I couldn't resell the other diamonds. But its an idea i never thought of before.
It's one of those things that you sorta know but forget about.
I didn't even realize this was something you could do!
I'd be willing to try this method.