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Welp....this video explains it all. Sigma Alpha Mu at the U of Michigan was suspended, and for good reason. Over 50 rooms were damaged, and both the fraternity and the university are criticizing the students who were involved. The sorority involved (as well as a few other frats) were not charged with anything major, though their sororities were suspended for a shorter time.
My question is why aren't individuals being charged? Why are they not being help accountable for the damages? Surely each piece of property that was destroyed was the fault of a person, not an entity, and that should be charged appropriately.
It's a little disgusting what wealthy kids can get out of.
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I don't know why every single one of them hasn't been charged yet. That's ridiculous. Even if you were just a bystander, you needed to stop it.
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@amog32 probably because their parents are made of $$$ and they can't blame who did the exact damage.
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