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YOUNG STAR: Your Boys Over Flowers series has a big following in the Philippines. Why do you think Filipinos respond so much to Korean culture? LEE MIN HO: I don’t think Boys Over Flowers is actually representative of Korean culture. But I do think that it has a side that attracts females. It touches females’ emotions. That’s the common charm Boys Over Flowers has, towards the female viewers. Do you enjoy doing projects like that? LEE MIN HO: I think being in a TV show about romantic relationships is something that can be fun, the drama. And then of course, even from the reality, there’s freedom on the show. That’s the enjoyable part. So what made you sign up with Bench? I’m sure you don’t just sign up with anyone. What about this particular brand? LEE MIN HO:when I saw the offer from the Philippines, I saw that it’s an international brand. And when I saw the clothing today, I saw that it could be widely loved. It has a youthful feeling and it’s very casual. I think a lot of my fans would really enjoy it. How would you describe your personal style? LEE MIN HO:I prefer clothing that has darker colors, a lot of neutrals. I like things that are comfortable and clean, really casual. What about Bench makes sense with your style? LEE MIN HO: Well, especially the cardigans that are dark in colors, those are really the ones I personally prefer. Some of the colorful clothing too, actually. Those are things I don’t usually wear in real life, like the colored jeans, but as I was trying them on, I found it pretty fun and enjoyable. So which of the items were your favorites? If you could recommend a piece to the fans, which especially? LEE MIN HO:The cardigan that I’m wearing right now, actually. All the cardigans they provided actually, I really like. The colored pants, the colorful jeans I would recommend to my fans. Do you have style icons? Are there particular people you look up to? LEE MIN HO: I’m not the type of a person who looks at somebody and thinks, “Oh, that looks good.” I usually try things and see if it looks good on me. I don’t have a style icon. Now you’ve been going into more serious roles in projects like The Faith. Can you tell us about the show? LEE MIN HO: The basic plot of the show is I’m from the past and from the Korean dynasty. He comes to the prison and kidnaps one of the talented doctors. The plot’s going to revolve around that so it’s going to be action-packed and, of course, some romance. What other roles do you look forward to playing? LEE MIN HO: There’s no particular role I want to play in the future but anytime I receive a script, I try to see if the character’s attractive or someone I would personally wanna play. If I think I can be good at it, then I’ll work on the project.
always rooted for him from the very beginning :)
still amazed by him *u*
i miss my daejang oppa i miss my oppa w long hairs sooo much ♥♥
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