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Taiga Aisaka Angel at Katsucon 2015
Photos taken by the lovely Yenra Photography and Stephane Laroche!!! <3 You can see more photos by @yenra on his website and Stephane's over here!
Dress, choker, and bow are completely made by me Bokken styled by me Tiara and wings purchased online!
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Wow the lighting in the first picture is stunning!!! Great catch :)
3 years ago·Reply
I don't know this character; what's she from? @AngeliPon
3 years ago·Reply
@amog32 I don't know her either but shel ooks like a sweet badass, which I love
3 years ago·Reply
@timeturnerjones Exactly, thus why I wanna watch whatever it's from!
3 years ago·Reply
just googled it! its toradora! @amog32
3 years ago·Reply