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Recently my mom started to get back into couponing like she did when I was a little kid. Part of me wants to get into it too, especially after seeing Extreme Couponing on TLC a year ago. What a zany show that was! In the process of learning about it, I stumbled upon Sarah's coupon and blog website, RainingHotCoupons.com.
It's on her blog that I discovered three amazing cost-saving ways to use everyday household products to get an even better, closer shave than what I am getting by using the expensive $4 stuff I get at Jewel. She talks about four ways, but I am going to share three with you here.
Coconut Oil
Simply apply to the area you want to shave and let it set in. Maybe a minute. Then, using a fresh blade, shave the hairs as normal. The result is supposed to leave your skin hairless and unbelievably silky smooth and bright.
This stuff is sticky, but don't worry. Run warm water over the areas you want to shave. Next, apply the honey. Simply shave away and thoroughly rinse off the honey. Your legs will feel amazing after this.
The process for this is a bit more labor intensive than the previous two methods but it's something that is always in your home. All you have to do is warm up the milk and apply it to your shaving area with a cotton ball or a washcloth. Shave as normal, and rinse using cold milk. Rinse again with warm water.
I think I might give these and couponing a try. If doing these will help me save money, and look good, then why not? <3
I don't know if this works for me. Maybe? Try it out @marshalledgar How come I don't know about milk facials??? Please share @sophiamor <3
I'm interested in the milk trick. I've heard of milk facials before so it must be good for your skin!!
I wonder if men can do this too. hurts me to think about it. lol