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Making Costume Wings from Thin Foam
And suddenly, I feel like I might be able to manage making cosplay wings! Depending on the style of wing you want to make, you can use real feathers, or, if you want something more "solid" or "strong" looking, you can use foam like in this tutorial! These are also really great because they are INCREDIBLY lightweight! While that might mean they're more at risk to get damaged, it also means they're more likely to not hurt your back.
Materials used:

- 14 gauge steel wire
- Duct tape
- Fabric
- Scissors
- Polyethylene foam
- Acrylic paint
- Hot glue
- Leatherman (wire cutters and pliers work too)
For a written tutorial on how to make the feathers, check here, and for a guide to making strapless wings like these, check here!

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Those are awesome! I bet it's hard to make cosplay wings that don't look super cheap and flimsy.
3 years ago·Reply
What's most impressive about these, I think, is that they're light! but could i cover them in feathers?
3 years ago·Reply
This looks like it takes so, so, so long @.@
3 years ago·Reply
@timeturnerjones Definitely not something you can get done the night before XD
3 years ago·Reply