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Amid last week's Grammy Awards, there was quite a lot of partying. Perhaps one of the biggest parties was Universal Music's Pre-Grammy Brunch, which featured live performances from Robin Thicke and our favorite teenage witch, Lorde. After launching her own limited line of lipsticks through MAC Cosmetics last year, she has since become a woman to watch when it comes to bold beauty choices. Needless to say, it was no surprise when Lorde showed up with incredible lilac lips, a much sunnier take on her usual dark violet trademark.
Lilac has become quite a trend color throughout the past couple years, especially in regards to nail polish, hair dye, and accessories. However, it isn't necessarily common to be sporting lilac lips! Be the trendsetter among your friends by channeling your inner Lorde with one of the following lip colors:

1. Creamy Lipstick: Lippy Lips' Vegocentric Lipstick in Abraca-Bam ($18)

Lippy Lips' line of 100% vegan 'Vegocentric' lipsticks come in a wide array of colors, so much so that Lorde was able to wear a color like Abraca-Bam to her event! Each lipstick is beeswax-free, GMO-free, and has not undergone any animal testing. The pomegranate flavor is subtle, but the conditioning power of the organic cocoa butter, rosemary, and coconut oil is certainly not.

2. Sheer Gloss: BlackUp Cosmetics' Lip Lacquer in VL06 ($22.50)

BlackUp Cosmetics' Lip Lacquer gives lips a highly pigmented and glossy look to wear out on the town. It comes in about ten different colors, but VL06 is definitely the one most likely to be Lorde-approved. One of the best things about BlackUp Cosmetics is that their products are created for a full range of skin tones, keeping the color true to its packaging.

3. Matte Lip Pencil: NYX Lipliner Pencil in Purple Rain ($3.50)

NYX is my tried-and-true drugstore brand of choice, especially when it comes to their lip pencils. Whether it's their skinnier lip pencils, like Purple Rain, or the jumbo ones, there are plenty of shades that will flatter a wide variety of skin tones. And if you do want to be a little daring with your color choices, you're not necessarily breaking budget with your purchase! This would probably be the safest bet for anyone who wants to try Lorde's look without overhauling their entire look, so all of you planning on bringing your dark lilac lips to work or school, this one's for you!
This color is too goth for me.
@beywatch Mood lipsticks?! Did I miss that part of the 90s?
@ArianaVenti I loved the name too!
Purple Rain lip liner...I am all about this
@ChelseaHeyes Maybe for Halloween then, huh? ;)
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