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Complete Weekly Horoscope: March 1st to March 7th
Hey all! I'm a bit too busy to sit down and write out your horoscopes this week :( I'm so sorry!!! Instead, I'm going to share this video from one of my favorite astrology gurus. I hope you enjoy, and I'll be back for sure next week to share your love & general horoscopes!
After the Introduction you can jump ahead to the horoscope for your sign by moving to the following time stamps:
Aries: 12:55 Taurus: 15:42 Gemini: 18:24 Cancer: 20:45 Leo: 23:47 Virgo: 26:53 Libra: 30:09 Scorpio: 33:56 Sagittarius: 37:24 Capricorn: 42:03 Aquarius: 45:32 Pisces: 48:27
It's a really social week for Geminis. Sweet.
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@CosmicLove Thanks for still sharing this video even though you couldn't type it all out :) Still enjoyable~!!! Looks like I"m having an OK week
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