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If you have a plain and boring look pair of heels you can easily update it by adding ruffles! Perfect if you don't want to spend $$$ on a new pair of heels for prom. What you need: Scissors, Velcro/thread, needle, 5/8" matching ribbon, Sandals or flats
Step 1: Cut fabric into 28" l x 8" w. This dimension is for a size 9 shoe if you have a smaller size adjust it accordingly.
Step 2: Start at the cut edge, leaving selvage end. Pinch/twist/bunch fabric to your liking. It should resemble a rose. Take a needle and thread through the back and hand stitch your design into place.
Step 3: Continue down the fabric, stitching the section into place. Leave some raw edges sticking out in the center of certain areas as well as leaving the selvage showing at the top for a little edge.
Step 4: Try on shoe strap and stitch on velcro on back.
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so pretty
I have a plain pair of heels that can be made beautiful. Thanks for the idea.
Looks really fancy!