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Ok, guys & gals. Set your next date up in a coffee shop so that you can decode what kind of person your date is....based on their drink! Or, you can order smart and make them think you're the sweetest person of all. But that deception is all on you!!
(Or, just remember what they like so next time you meet up you can be the best date ever!!)

So, what do you think? Does your drink match your personality in love? Or should we just take it as nothing more than "oh hey, he likes black coffee?"

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I'm an iced coffee girl. Even when it's freezing outside, hahahaah.
HEY now. I drink Fraps and I am not like that!!
I take my coffee black but I love mocha frappucinos best. But what does it mean?
@Spudsy2061 Split personality. I'd be concerned if I were you. ;)
@onesmile Me too lol I don't think I need to be "put in check!"