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 She looks at her arms, stomach, and thighs. She hates what she sees, what she done to herself at the moment of weakness. They get lighter as days go by but you can see them all the same. The lines, perfect in a row, precisely the way she needed it to be. Even in her moment of weakness her OCD is still there.                She hides them with long sleeves so that no one can see her weakness, so that no one can judge her. People like to wait and see for someone to break, to use that against them. You never let people see your weakness or in her case, her scars.
I love how you use the concept of weakness in your poem. This lets everyone relate to you in a way considering everyone has a certain weakness. Also the third person of the poem adds to the overall tone of the poem itself. It is a very beautiful piece!
Remember, it's always better to face the problems head on; turn those weaknesses into your strength. Make them what drives you. It's better to notice and acknowledge what is there then to ignore it. You will only hurt yourself more. Your poem says so much about who you are it feels like i k ow who you are and i have known who you are for a long time, even from its simplicity. Your point comes across precise and clear. love it.
Love it