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Recently, I was reminded that not all of us has a Daddy Warbucks on hand to festoon us with rubies and jewels and accessories-grandiose! Some, many, most brides are just glad the man in their life stepped up to propose to begin with, regardless of funding for a million-dollar chunk of ice.
This card goes out to all the brides (and grooms) that are looking for an engagement ring with class, character, and at a cost that is less than replacing all four tires on a cash-for-clunker. It's only $975. And these are real diamonds. On a real antique ring.
When you've outgrown this ring--and you will, my dear, I promise you that--you can invite all your friends over and listen to some old-school vinyl using any one of the diamonds from this ring and a turn table. Until then, you can brag to all your friends that the ring is so old, it's made of palladium because the platinum at the time was reserved for the armed forces during WWII.
Inventory No. 10-1-5519
Price: $975.00
Center Stone: Diamond

Carat Weight: 0.12 cts
Measurements: 3.2 - 3.2 mm
Cut/Shape: European Cut
Clarity: SI1
Color: J
Second Diamonds: 2 Single Cut Diamonds

Diamond Total Carat Weight: 0.02 carats
Diamond Clarity: VS1
Diamond Color: I
Materials:14 Karat Yellow Gold / Palladium

Ring Size: 6
Width: 5/16 inch

Makes for a great "starter ring" as you mentioned in another card @nixonwoman
This is so so pretty. MUCH closer to my budget. Thanks for sharing @nixonWoman
It's actually quite pretty @nixonwoman. For that price, why not?