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I am not an avid reader of poetry, and I would never consider myself a poet, but if you're looking for some writing inspiration and some thought-provoking prose, I highly suggest getting yourself a copy of "I Wrote This For You" or its brand-new second collection "I Wrote This for You and Only You."
There are one liners, short stories, and cases where the entire poem is hidden in the title. I'm attaching a few samples :)
From I Wrote This For You
There are more grains of sand in the soles of your shoes than you will be given winters to dream or summers to make those dreams real. There are more stars in the sky than there are grains of sand on Earth.
We live in a universe so big that a dying star, in the greater scheme of things, is as significant as spilled milk. In an infinite amount of time, everything that can be forgotten, will be forgotten. In infinity, spilled milk and dying stars matter the same.
If you're just someone brushing your teeth late at night, or you're a planet breathing your last breath, everything you do matters just the same. Every breath you take is as important or unimportant as the sun in the sky.
Scratching your ear, is a kind of miracle, depending on how you look at it.
From I Wrote This For You and Only You
I sometimes wonder what you're thinking of me, then I remember that you're probably wondering what I think of you, which makes me wonder if any of us ever think of ourselves. Or if we think of nothing else.

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Tumblr followed; website checked. Thank you very much for this cool intro~
Need to pick myself up a copy; these are beautiful.
I love poetry books, and I definitely started following the Tumblr! This is great. :)