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Hair thinning is a natural part of aging. You're not alone if you notice a receding hairline in your late 20s. There are many reason why your hair starts to thin: hormones, genetics, stress, diet, and excessive chemical treatments. While we can't do anything about hormone and genetic reason we can prevent hair thinning from altering our diet and hair care habits.

Eating Right

When you don't eat enough food or lack in necessary vitamins, your hair will lose the nutrients that make it strong and healthy. What you can start doing is incorporate more vitamin c, calcium, iron, potassium, selenium and omega-3 in your diet.

Limit Chemical Treatments

Stay away from perms or hair coloring that contain strong chemicals such as peroxide and lye. Shampoos and styling products with sodium lauryl sulfate and silicones can exacerbate scalp and follicle problems! Also, if you can try not to wear your hair up all the time. The tightness and hair straining can actually develop traction alopecia (hair falling do to pressure of pulling).

Disguise Thick Hair

If you already see signs of hair thinning you can prevent your hair looking flimsy! Below are cards provide hairstyle and haircare tips for fine hair.
Hopefully this was help!
@redridergirl thanks for sharing your experience with us! Greatly appreciate it.
How about the opposite? my hair is wavy and thick. I don't straighten or blow dry but I shampoo daily and always have it up.
Hormones, Thyroid Disease, the worst because you can't absorb nutrients is Celiacs! Those three do me in! I went bald and dropped to 70 lbs when I got Celiacs around 40 yrs old - not pretty! Over time my hair grew back but different texture and colors. Dermatologist said don't use hair growing shampoos, don't blow dry at all or very minimal, don't ever use a hot iron, don't put it in a pony tail or anything that pulls on it, wash it every few days only, wash it with a light conditioner only and as needed a very gentle shampoo, use leave in conditioner, towel dry, if necessary lightly blow dry low setting, set the rest of way with soft curlers. I did that for years and my hair looked better! I got lazy it's easier quicker to blow it with a heat protectant on it. The difference it does in damage to my hair is noticeable. The older I get with menopause hormones I am going back to the old routine to try to repair my hair again! Ladies take care of yourself while you are young and at every age!
@ChelseaHeyes I don't know about hair loss but I think constantly blowdrying your hair (without heat protection) can damage the follicles.
I do not know what to use in my hair that will be healthy for my hair?? can someone please help me
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