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If you know anything about me, you know that I hate people that destroy anything that's in a reserved park, or just a beautiful natural setting. Leave No Trace principles need to be followed to keep our natural environment, well, natural!
So this story pretty much pissed me off as much as you imagine it would. I'll give you a TL;DR, but if you want to read the full story as it was uncovered by Modern Hiker, check here--it's pretty funny to read the updates as they added.
Basically, a well known tagger "Mr. Andre" posted a photo that looked like it was from Joshua Tree of some graffiti on a rock, and after he kept saying it was from private property, not from the national park, someone drove over to the part to check and it was discovered that the graffiti was, in fact, in the park. Not only that, but his social media trail online shows he was all over the park.
And all I have to say is this: WTF?! Not only did you leave pretty serious destruction at the trailhead of a really nice trail, but you also lied about it when you knew you were caught. And then tried to erase all evidence of it. Ha. Ha. Ha. Good try. National Park Rangers and the cops have already been alerted, Mr. Andre, and there is no escaping this.
100% in agreement, that this is a problem. Graffiti in our open spaces is reaching epidemic levels. Mr. Andre’s behavior is part of the problem. We don't want to encourage this behavior by other street artists.
Hopefully he gets some sort of reprimanding. This is ridiculous.
@happyrock @TrevorGoldley Yeah. Clearly he needs to be reprimanded. I heard he left the country back to his homeland. Totally ridiculous.
Wait so he just flat out said "nah its not there" even after people showed that it was?
What the hell. So disrespectful. And to lie about it so many times?!