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Do you have a one egg wonder?

Depending on the kind of hiking you do, and the kind of cooking you do on the trail or while camping, you might want to invest in one! There are so many delicious things you can make with this little guy. And he's light at just 5.06 oz.

One way to use this guy is to make a delicious egg casserole of sorts! Scramble the eggs and mix with cherry tomatoes, pre-cooked bacon strips and whatever else you bring along to make a delicious meal!

Perhaps you want to try making a biscuit--well you can! It's not hard at all, and you just need the pan and the lid along with with some bisquik.

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@happyrock I love the idea of using this for other things than simply just an egg. That casserole looks so good.
I'll take one of each please.
@TrevorGoldley Likewise. Sign me up.
The best part of this tiny pan is that a tiny or pop can stove would still do the trick to heat it up.
@yakwithalan Yeah! You don't need much heat or anything.