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At the moment, S broadcasting station decides to air JW's drama, AK comes in with HM. So AK gonna succeed in airing his drama?! Let's see! Finally GE succedded to persuade HM. In the meanwhile, JW still thinks how to revenge AK. Manager and HM have conflict in casting in Morning of Kungsung. But HM doesn't change his mind. Min Ah, who is famous actress, have a complain. She can't talk in front of fans because of her terrible voice. The president in S broadcast require AK to change writer from GE to famous one. AK goes to office, feeling confused. There GE's mom came to make dinner for GE and workers. He says to GE "I will tell u directly. I will give u three times bonus, so now quit. I'm sorry, but I already higherd new writer." GE gets angry, "How dare u..! It's my writing. It the one that I worte! I will go to broadcast station and tell what u did to me...!" She goes to president and asks for one more opportunity. He says "I can't be sure for success in drama with new writer who has no any experience." GE says "Then can u be sure to succedd the drama with experienced wirter? I just wanted to tell u this." At that night, she looks at her mom working behind and cries. Next morning, AK goes to HM to make contract. But S president require to show his bank account to see if he has ability to pay for filming. He says yes, but at that night he lobbys him to get definite answer from him. In the meanwhile, JW asks an actor to kill AK in drama production field. AK orders his workers to put money in S president's golf locker. The worker, Nam Won Hyung, criticizes AK's wrong behavior to succedd. While going to office, AK gets phone from S president. He says "Are you kidding with me? There was no money in my locker." AK sees how's the situations and knows GE hid money. He explains his drama can't be aired without the money. But she never tells where's the money. AK finds it and heads to golf locker right away. There, he puts money secretly. At that night, GE calls AK. "U know how much dirty u r? Are u happy now?" He answers "Then u r happy? At least I don't fail while complaning." She says "I will drag u to hell.." "There's one thing u don't know. We're already living in hell.", AK says. After hanging off, GE goes to HM. "I'm really sorry, but I think I can't write scenario only for you. I got fired but I want u to consider my drama precious while acting." While GE goes to home, highschool students threatens to give money. Seeing it, HM calls police and sees the situation. But he gets surprised seeing she beats them. At that night, AK sees S president got caught because of corruption. AK thinks of money he put in golf locker. He drives to there immediately while JW asks to detective to go to golf locker and check. AK goes in and puts money out of from locker. Police officer sees his back and orders to catch him. But officer fail to catch him and AK runs away. Next morning, AK has conference and realize JW tried to catch both S president and AK. JW and AK sees who become new S president, cuz it's important to lobby their drama. Nam Woon Hyung becomes new president. "I think it's improtant to put transparency in priority. I'm gonna consider again which drama gonna be aired." AK goes to him. "I know that u don't like me. But plz give me one more chance." WH president says "One more opportunity? I can't let u do wrong things in this fiels with the chance. This is my answer." Then on his knees, AK begs for one more opportunity. Preview of ep.5) AK lobbys other workers to change president. And he decides to work with GE again, but she refueses it.
@mulan yea great acting ><
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@minxiu93 it's the name of his character in an old drama beethoven virus, Gang Maestro ^^
what is gangmae?
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