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Short interview with young designer Karyn Coo, winner of Project Runway LA, season 2. She tells all about her inspirations, dreams and what it's like to be in the fashion world. What is the most exciting part of your job? I think every stage has it’s own charm, from starting to develop a new inspiration, then do the sketches, look at the fabric options and molds until you get the first samples and you can see how everything you worked on before becomes tangible. When it comes to the runway show, that to me is the most exciting part and at the same time a very nostalgic one, since it means the project is over and you have to begin a new one. What has been your favorite project so far? Definitely opening my first store and actually being able to see my dream coming true at 23 years old. That was a tremendous accomplishment, both personally and professionally. Right now, just have to keep imagining and making things become a reality. Any favorite trends from this season? I don’t like to abide by the trends so much. What I do like is that right now, everything is very free, there are no rules anymore and you can express yourself anyway you like. We can find fashion and create trends through art, design, music, and architecture. Today’s trends are a group of very different artists stating their own points of view. What’s your favorite part of the design process? The moment when I find, or better yet, when an inspiration finds me. That is the deciding moment to start imagining a new collection, and it’s just great because once I get into it, there is nothing else I can think about. What would you like to be doing if it wasn’t fashion design? Uf! I have never thought about that. Since I was very young I always wanted to be a designer or an actress, but I think today I would rule it out… I think perhaps I would be a make up artist because creating through my hands and imagination is clearly my thing.