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I can never get tired of geometric nail design. The reason: you can mix and match different color, combo and shape. There are many ways to style and it's up to your imagination. Since Spring is kicking in here are some Spring geometric combos you might consider on your next nail adventure.

1. Playful Pastel

If your Spring wardrobe is filled with tribal-inspired pattern this geometric design would be your favorite this season. It features an asymmetric tip with playful pastel (of course you can change the color according to your clothing palette).

2. Muted Pastel

This is color combo is the total opposite of the one above. If you love wearing earthy tone or blacks this would blend right in! It's also subtle enough to wear to work!

3. Baby Pink and Gold Shimmer

You can't go wrong with this color combo. It's simple enough for daily wear and elegant enough for formal occasions!

4. Pop of Colors

Be bold! Mix and match pop colors that are contrasting to get an abstract yet interesting result.
Whoa. That last one looks amazing. I'd be afraid to screw it up though!
The last nail design is my favorite. It's so unique and fun!
The playful pastel combo is perfect for spring! The asymmetric tips also look easy paint!