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There is truth in candid moments... little slices of time where your subject remains unaware of you and your camera. My portrait subjects are often inside their own minds; caught up in the truth of moments which when spread out make their day. I call it "Gestalt Photography" - I never look to create the story being told; instead I trust my instincts to guide me to the proper moment where a story can be revealed.
A dedicated young equestrian takes a break on hay bales in the shade of a barn during a long-day's training.
I was there to shoot photos of the training but found this little moment of quiet reflection spoke so much more about this serious young lady's personality than the overly practiced and reflexive smile she forced any time she noticed my camera pointed in her direction.
Over the years I've discovered that the best portraits are unplanned. They are the micro-expressions caught between frames, when my subject forgets about me or the camera and they let their guard down.
I'm actually a Nikon man myself... unfortunately Nikon was a little behind the curve with integrating HD video functions with their camera bodies and at the time I purchased my Canon - I needed that function - before that I'd carry two cameras to shoots. I get why Canon bodies are loved. But I still think that the general ergonomics of the Nikon bodies is superior, mainly in full-manual mode. Having two dials - one under the shudder release for aperture and then the standard shutter speed dial for your thumb has always been something I miss with the Canon. And now that Nikon has made great strides to catch up - I'm actually getting ready to buy a Nikon D4s - I had a D1x, D2x, skipped the D3x for the Canon 1D MK3 and 5D MK2 - and now I'm going back to Nikon. Plus I've decided to add a few zoom lenses to the arsenal. I always shoot primes. I have the following primes - 16mm f2.8, 24mm f2.8, 28mm f2.8, 35mm f2.8, 50mm f1.2, 50mm f1.4, 70mm f2.8, 75mm f2.8, 105mm f2.5, 180mm f2.8, 300mm f4, 400mm f4. These are just my Nikon lenses. I have a 35mm f2, 90mm f2.8, 135mm f3.5, 180mm f2.8 Zeiss lenses (all were Arriflex bayonet mount converted to Pentax M42 - which I have M42-Canon adapters on all of them). I do own one Nikkor 35-70mm f2.8 lens. I am looking at getting the 70-200 f2.8 and the 80-400 f4 lenses.
@JonPatrickHyde Cool stuff, I love the 5D series. I'm a nikon man myself, I was just thinking about upgrading to the d800.
Wow, the way you captured the layers of her skin (that sounds really creepy) is so beautiful.
Thank you! I don't mind at all. The camera body is a Canon 5D Mark 2 - raw format 21.4 MB. The key to the sharpness isn't the camera body... it's the glass. I never use cheap lenses. I also never use Canon lenses. I use Zeiss or old D series heavy Nikkor lenses and mount adapters to allow the lenses to communicate with the camera, so even though the camera won't run the focus motors in the lenses, metering works correctly. I always shoot full manual.
Amazing moment and an amazing capture. If you don't mind me asking (I think I might have asked before) what camera are you shooting with? Your images are always so crisp