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There is truth in candid moments... little slices of time where your subject remains unaware of you and your camera. My portrait subjects are often inside their own minds; caught up in the truth of moments which when spread out make their day. I call it "Gestalt Photography" - I never look to create the story being told; instead I trust my instincts to guide me to the proper moment where a story can be revealed.
The special relationship between some musicians and their instrument of choice can evolve into much more than the simple choice of this or that instrument to be the conduit for expression.
For some their instrument can become an extension of their body, a perfect blend of tonality, playability, and comfort. For these musicians their chosen instrument becomes their closest friend and a source of emotional comfort.
Funny, but just as no two people have the same fingerprint, no two pieces of wood have exactly the same density or grain. The variables involved in the building of a professional quality musical instrument are as complex as anything you might imagine, and each variable has the potential to change the resulting tonality of the instrument in subtle or in significant ways. This is why some guitars are just "magic" and the guitar made just before it and just after are not. It could be just that one piece of wood used for the body, or the neck... it could be that the nitrocellulose finish went on thicker because of an issue with the sprayer, or something even more unusual (in the making of amplified instruments) - perhaps there were iron imperfections in the magnets that went into the pickups, causing the poles to oxidize over time - giving the guitar a more mellow tonal quality. I can tell you, when a musician finds the instrument which best allows them to express the music in their heart and soul - it's a very special thing.
Interesting, I never thought of the deep connection a musician must have with their instruments. Although some express this connection in different ways (The Who come to mind) it would be interesting to see more musicians admiring their instruments.