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There is truth in candid moments... little slices of time where your subject remains unaware of you and your camera. My portrait subjects are often inside their own minds; caught up in the truth of moments which when spread out make their day. I call it "Gestalt Photography" - I never look to create the story being told; instead I trust my instincts to guide me to the proper moment where a story can be revealed.
Many performers have expressed to me that they feel most alive during the brief time they get to perform before an audience.
I have shot many portraits of musicians performing live as opposed to a studio setting because I find capturing moments of truth during a performance I seek to translate the energy and passion given during the performance.
Chicago blues legend Ronnie Baker Brooks Jr. performing in Los Angeles.
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His facial expression in this shot are exquisite. It really comes across in your work that you want to capture these musicians' energy and passion for what they do!
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@dillonk I see what you mean. Great shot @JonPatrickHyde!
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Thank you both! It's a fun thing to witness. And when you step onto a stage (to shoot photos of a famous musician) and there's 20,000 people screaming "I love you" and stuff like that... you feel the energy. The first time I ever experienced this it flat blew me away. And I now totally understand why many performers say that they live for the hour or two - a few days a week when they are touring - that they are on stage. It's electric, it's powerful, it's moving... it's inspiring.
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