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This was probably the scariest moment in both of these jumper's lives. An experienced jumper has a seizure during freefall of jump.
Amazingly no one was hurt, check out the video for the action.
The skydiver was doing stage five of his Accelerated Free Fall program when he had this near death experience. You can see the look on his face before jumping, something didn't seem right.
Everything was going great. The jumpmaster told the student jumper to do a left hand spin.
Something went wrong and the jumper started having a seizure mid air at around 9000 feet. He spend the next 30 seconds in free fall unconscious.
The jumpmaster cut through the air like a super hero and grabbed onto the student.
The jumpmaster pulled the student's ripcord at about 4000 feet and then pulled his own. The student later came conscious a few thousand feet down before landing.
I have seen this video! I have seen videos of skydiving and it looks extremely fun! I have never done it, but what do you guys think? Have you ever sky-dove? What was it like? Thanks! :)
I would guess that people with seizures aren't allowed to skydive. Maybe tandem, but alone sounds like a big risk.
@chowder Yes, the student was prone to seizures.
That was a batman style save. How did he catch up so quickly?
Jeez that was terrifying. Is he prone to seizures or was this just a fluke/freak accident?
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