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A kitesurfer wanted to learn how to kite loop. Thing went horribly wrong...
The short video clip shows how quickly things can go wrong with a kite, especially for people who are inexperienced.
Things start innocently enough, with the kiteboarder in the water.
He successfully does his first loop, and goes for a second.
Unfortunately a huge gust of wind brought him way higher in the sky and that's when he attempted to second loop.
Things didn't turn out the way he expected, and before he could blink he was headed face first for the water.
He hit the water hard, but thankfully he had friends near by to help..
@TheAdrenaline Ok cool, thanks for the answer
@TeamWaffles Inexperience definitely played a role in this. These guys were not operating safely at all
@Chowder He could have possible got the handlebar flipped around, which would make the kite behave the opposite of what you intend.
@chowder Probably just inexperience, judging by what @TheAdrenaline said
Okay, that seems like a bad mistake. How does this even happen?
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