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The French police force was dispatched to the house of a man who was attempting to commit suicide.
Watch the intense moments in this video!
The police did not have much time to intervene as the man had a gun and was getting ready to commit the act.
When tensions were rising, the police men took position and then attempted to stop the man by running in.
A policeman watching from the rooftop saw that the man was going to commit suicide any second, so he acted quickly. He shot the man in the leg from the rooftop so he would drop the gun.
This quick thinking allow the other police officers to run in and take the gun from the man. Instead of losing his life, the man only received a non-life-threatening injury to his leg.
Needless to say his family was relieved!
if thus was the usa, the guy would due the police and win 25 million dollars and the cop would go to jail
Oh my god. That screaming.
@TeamWaffles I don't really shoot guns but that does sound impressive I guess, lol.
What a shot! A g35 with 9mm rounds at what, 200-300 feet? That's some solid shooting there tex
Unbelievable save! Way to go police dude