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Ok so just spent some time riding it today the roads are dry enough for me to skate so yay so I have come down with this review , this board is very fun nice size even though I don't like to ride boards under 40 inches but this board is so awesome and comfortable that I'll deal with it this board is awesome for pushing because of the minimal concave so your feet don't hurt it's comfortable in a slide and the tails are really nice because of them I can now do manuals and this is my first day actually doing a manual and I've gotten my best record of 2-3 seconds my personal record and I'm just now starting to do manuals so lots of pros to this board oh yea and it has the perfect amount of flex the only con to this board is that it feels really weird to ride switch so that's my little review @joshsmith
Oh btw I don't mean switch like from reg to goofy or vice versa I mean like turning the board around from the front to back