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Mark Cavendish is one of my favorite professional cyclists.
He achieved a ton of success early in his career, with eleven wins in his first professional season. Cavendish has won a total of twenty-five Tour de France stages putting him third on the all-time list and fourth on the all-time list of Grand Tour stage winners with forty-three wins.
Cavendish is described as confident, even coming off as arrogant sometimes. He considers himself the best sprinter of the Tour de France. I don't know if I would say he is the BEST (I'm looking at you Marcel Kittel) but he is damn fast.
I always thought he was a bit cocky, but he's grown on me in recent years. Was absolutely gutted for him when he crashed at the end of Stage what? 1 or 2 in his hometown last year's tour.
@TeamWaffles Hahahaha maybe a little
I remember watching Cavendish and being blown away. I mean, I'm still blown away whenever he starts sprinting, but earlier in his career he had some really exciting wins
I think you understated Cavendish's arrogance! haha