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A police officer was arrested after he collided with a bicyclist in Hawaii on Sunday morning. The bicyclist passed away from his injuries.
According to Hawaii Police, 63-year-old Jeffrey Surnow was riding his bicycle on a Hawaiian road at sunrise. The police officer, who was on-duty at the time, hit Jeffrey from behind.
Investigators arrested the officer, something that doesn't seem to happen to often. I have to be reminded of the officer who struck and killed Milt Olin in California last year while he was texting and on-duty. However, this situation seems like it is being handled differently.
The officer, 30-year-old Jody Buddemeyer, was arrested on suspicion of negligent homicide. He was later released pending further investigation. He was placed on administrative leave for the time being.
The road that the cyclist was on is particularly dangerous for cyclists, as there are no shoulders for cyclists.
"All the county roads are supposed to have at least a four foot shoulder, but this road doesn't conform to that regulation and we've told people in the highway division and people in the traffic division and all the way up to the mayor's office that this road is super dangerous and somebody's gonna get killed," Rich Bell, a bicycle advocate in Hawaii.
The police captain's quote says it all:
"It's kinda dangerous for a bicyclist to be riding in that area, being the sun rising and such, hard to see them. And there's no shoulder for those bicyclists to be riding on. They basically have to ride on the road, which is a pretty dangerous area," said Capt. Whitman.
First he blames the cyclist for where he was riding, then he blames the road. Not once does he even mention the actions of his officer.
RIP fellow cyclist. Hopefully justice is served in this case. The police officer has no excuse.
@troygreene84 No excuse at all. I feel so bad for the family and friends of the cyclist.
I can't believe this could even happen. @troygreene84 Shouldn't police officers be held to an even higher standard than normal drivers?
Great news to hear that the officer was arrested, now we will see if he is actually convicted!