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Someone ask me "Why do you like kpop?" And my answer is "I used to like kpop since I was in y freshman year in High school and it starts with Super Junior. I really like korean boy/girl group because of their amazing talent personality and looks and also they are really work hard person imagine (2 to 7 years of training) they dont even give up and thats the reason why I admire them :) so you why do you like kpop? And what group do you like? Please follow me on facebook (Jimberly Jesoro) I made some dance cover and please message me if you have suggestion on my next dane cover thanks!! :))
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There are many reasosns as to why I like kpop. First of all, they usually have a catchy tune. they sound really good and despite not knowing what the heck they're saying, I feel drawn to it. Second is the emotions put into the songs. There are hardly any english songs I've heard that have so much emotion put into a set of words. Third is the awesome choreography most songs have. And kpop doesnt need swear words or naked people to make it into the top charts. Also I like learning new languages and listening to kpop is just another easy way to learn words and phrases.
Yeah. Their dance steps are amazing plus the emotion that they put on the song ohhh and dont't forget their Fashion sense.. ;)
true. they are always so well dressed
I like K-Pop because the visual concepts are always really creative. They really go out of their way to make the music videos as important as the songs.
Oyeah. They always show their Fans a perfect music video that is really amazing! :)