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This video is pretty much chock full of epicness. Totally mesmerized by the artistry. The song is pretty much on that epic vibe as well with the strings and the build throughout the track is like whoa. Dope video to say the least. What did y'all think?
Visually, this video was stunning. But I was distracted the entire time. His hair made me miss TOP lol & his nails! Jesus...I want my nails like that Dx As always, Tablo killed it. <3 Those muscular men were pretty distracting too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
what did i just watch...there was sO much going on. I feel like someone needs to help me out with all the symbolism my mind is seriously blown ahahah
I wasn't expecting this at all. How cool!
Soo cool
@aabxo lol i agree...his nails were fierce! There was just a hell of a lot going down in this MV....things were happening. Like for real.
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