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Kiss the Rain

How to make a rainy day better? Throw on a classic trench coat and a tartan scarf. Oh, and don't forget to carry a whimsical umbrella to brighten someone's day!

Singing in the Rain

When was the last time you wore the wellies-dress combo? Fashion blogger Maritsa shows you how to stay cool under the rain. Pair an edgy lace shift dress with a fun leather jacket. To complete the swoon-worthy look add a hint of berry colour, and top a cozy hat on your tousled hair.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Not the rainy day type of girl? Sail it away with Kelly's nautical-inspired outfit. The best part - it's work appropriate and totally adorable!
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I just notice you named all the outfit combo after rainy day songs. lol
I need to buy a pair of rainboots. It rained here yesterday and it soaked right through my sneakers!
@beywatch That's the very thing I hate about rainy days. I know some people walk in the rain with flip flops... I don't know how they do it.
The sailboat umbrella is sold out! Anyone know where else to find it?
Singing in the rain is my favorite movie and my favorite style here :)