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Tears on your pillow be gone! You can finally get that Reem Acra wedding dress you've been dreaming of. You know, the one with tulle in that blush pink color that makes you look amazing in every picture! Yeah, this one. Thirty bucks, which costs less than a tank of gas. Don't believe me? Log on for yourself.
You don't have to stop there either. With tons of accessories, also for rent, you (and your bridesmaids) can really turn up the wow factor without the cost or commitment. How awesome is that?
These Deco tear drop earrings retail for $205 by Ben-Amun. Or, you can rent these for just $25. You really need to check this out and consider this as a source for you and your bridesmaids.
As an added bonus, I wanted to include this stunning Moschino Vanilla Scoop shift dress that is just spectacular. It's conservative sleeves and boat neck juxtapose the sexy hemline without being vulgar.
This would normally set you back $1,895, which is just crazy talk. Even crazier, is if you said no to the $30 rental.
Those earrings are really pretty. I'd have to see how they look in person. Renting takes the permanence out of it, but it's great for those on a budget.
OMG! How did I not know about this?! THANK YOU!
For sure! However, I would understand why they don't have such service. Most of the men I know don't usually care about what they wear...
The dress is gorgeous! I would totally wear if I were to get married.
can i
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