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Basic Packing Chart!
Just saw this chart, and thought it might be really helpful for beginning or those just transitioning to longer hikes (aka more gear!!) You basically want the heavy stuff to sit at the right part of your back, and the things you need in your pack to still be accessible. Weight incorrectly distributed may well be perceived as heavier than gear packed well!!
Good luck :) Is this how you all pack?
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Yep!!! I do my best to stick to these ratios~
2 years ago·Reply
I always put my heavier stuff a bit lower....am I wrong?
2 years ago·Reply
@TrevorGoldley Eh, it really depends on your pack and body. You can't follow a chart exactly.
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Looks alright to me. This is even easier to follow if your bag has many compartments.
2 years ago·Reply
I'm gonna look for videos about how to wear your pack right, too!
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