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If you're into getting your gear lighter, lighter, lighter, then this is the drinking cup for you! All you need is a soda can, as well as a board, razor blade, and some time! If you have an ultralight can or stove also made out of pop cans, then you can put them all together and carry it in a really condensed fashion. Good luck!
@TrevorGoldley if you put them all like this they're pretty durable. And they're more durable than you think! Plus you can push the small bends out.
Dude this is awesome I would have never thought to attach a razor blade to a board like this
I'd still be worried about it getting like smashed somehow. How is the cook stove strong enough to not get smashed in a bag?
I think I"m too picky about what I use to really care about ultralight sometimes. I prefer slightly heavier cup!