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This is by far one of the most unexpected things to happen to the big house brand Chanel. Their all-time number one product, known and used by millions of women around the world is about to be banned in the EU. This came to be after a group of scientists determined there was a component in the perfume that could be bad for health. Great for that discovery, always important to keep the customers well being in mind... just one question, this perfume has been produced since 1921, and so far there has not been one case of health related issues for its use, so why is it supposed to be dangerous all of a sudden? Just curious.
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If the formula changes, would Chanel No5 still be the same though??... And yes, Brad Pitt's vid is really odd
I guess it makes sense if regulations change, but it's a bit of overkill. I don't ultimately think the companies would change their fragrances overall, but maybe tweak the formulas in affected countries? That aside, does anyone else think the brad pitt Chanel no. 5 ad is really weird?!
this is weird and sounds a lil fishy to me
This doesn't make any sense.. How could they make such a huuuuge ban? Are they going to investigate other perfumes now?