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If you think $500 is still far too much to spend on wedding invitations, then you are in for a world of financial surprises for everything else that you will have to spend money on for even the most bare bones of weddings. To be more precise I am going to show how you can send out 200 invitations for $484. That number INCLUDES postage to send and receive the RSVP.
Let it be known now that I am using Paper Source products as an example because it's tangible and not theoretical. Also, they have so many options on size and color for their stationery products, it's not even funny.
The pieces for this imaginary wedding invitation consist of:
A-4 (5x7) outer envelopes
A-4 envelopes
A-4 notecard stock
Letter size text stock
110# white card stock*
Mailing postage
Postcard postage
* The postcard portion is something that can be done at your local print shop.
Here are the steps to get this project over and finished in about three hours:
Getting started...
1. Format your flat card invites on 8.5 x 11 paper, two per page.
2. Format your postcard RSVP (side 1 and side 2), four per page.
3. Email your postcard as a PDF to a local print shop. They can print black on white cardstock and cut them perfectly.
4. Print (at home) your invites on 8.5 x 11 Paper Source paper.
While that's going on...
5. Hand-write guest names on envelope--do not write return address anywhere!
6. Hand-write guest names on outer envelope AND return address on back.
7. Pick up your order from print shop and drop off invites you printed to be cut.
Assembly time...
8. Using double-sided tape, affix the invite to the flat card, leaving a 1/8" border.
9. Apply postcard postage to RSVP postcards.
10. Open envelope with closure facing up and first insert RSVP, then the invite and seal.
11. Open outer envelope with closer facing up and insert sealed envelope face up.
12. Seal outer envelope and apply invitation postage.
Some Tips:
* When you design something to be cut out, never include the cut line to be printed.
* You should have a "print" file in PDF format and a "cut" file also in PDF format.
* The "cut" file is a file that only contains the cut marks. Printers use this as their guide.
* Ask your print shop when the last time the blade was changed out. Request a new blade if it's been longer than two months of moderate to heavy use.
* Avoid mailing cards/items that are flat and square because the postage rate is expensive.
There are plenty of other ways you can dress up a simple invitation like this by adding embellishments. Besides the additional cost for this sort of styling, always consider the weight and bulk of adding such things. Bulk and weight can increase the postage dramatically if you are not careful.
What ways were you able to reduce the cost of your invitations? How did you dress up your invitations to go from simple to sublime without going over budget? Please share with the community as everyone loves to save money and get new and creative wedding tips!
My goal is to get every area of my wedding at discount if possible so i don't spend a lot
Or @daniachicago you can use those savings to put into other areas of your wedding.
What a neat way to save money and get it personalized!
Is there a second wedding @darcysdiary?
I never included the cost of stamps into my budget for my first wedding. I spent close to $1200.
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