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When it comes to classic color combo - black, white and gold wins. It can practically match any outfit and is a safe choice for any occasion. I came across this nail design from sonailicious and was inspired to share with you all. Unfortunately, there were no step-by-step tutorial available but I layout the basics for you on the image.
For the base - paint on a white polish. Make sure you use a good density white laquer because with this design it's impossible to coat more than 2 layers of base.
For the 1st layer - Use a thin striping nail art brush, paint small dots at the nail bed where the gold stripes will begin then paint gold stripes on each nail as pictured.
For the 2nd layer - Fill in the gaps on nails on each side of the nail with black nail polish.
Let your design dry for 5 minutes and seal it all with 2-3 coats of quick dry high gloss top coat.
This is pretty simple but if you come across a question feel free to ask or comment below!
This is a great way to wear black nail polish without looking like you're preparing yourself for Halloween.
@beywatch exactly my thought! I like the gold and white contrast!