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The King 2 Hearts Ep 12 - LIVE recap + screenshots - Part 2
Jae Ha went to an amusement park with his staffs. It was really hillarious since the journalists record everything that they did, so they need to act that they are really having fun. Meanwhile, at home, Hang Ah found out the handmade skincare and soap given by Jae Ha. He really made it by himself! He even named each bottle as "I am sorry", "thank you, and I love you". That's so romantic. She realized that she needed to go out and help out Jae Ha! She need to be fast or something bad might happen!!! ------------------------------------------------------------ Part 1: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Ep 13 Preview:
You are so fast!! Thanks!
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So sweet! "I'm sorry." "I love you." >.<
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