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This was a little tricky because I feel like a lot of the songs I find super underrated have already made it on various other lists in here, but I'm going to throw some new ones in here because there are definitely a few exceptions. (Most of the reason I like these songs is because I think they're lyrically very clever or the vocal line is just so, so, so good!)

1. "Story of Someone I Know" - San-E

I used to not really like this song because I thought the melody line sounded too much like "Officially Missing You", but then the more I got into it, I realized that was completely intentional given the context of the song.
The reason I think this song is underrated is because the lyrics are so clever. Like the title implies, San-E is telling the story of 'just somebody' to his friends. This 'just somebody' just broke up with his girlfriend and is dealing with a lot of sadness and regret, and when someone asks him who this person is at the end of the verse, he's just like "Uhhhh... just somebody." At the end of the second verse, he accidentally says that it's him, and then goes "Oh, I got too into the story. It's not me. Just a friend." We all know it's you, San-E. Give it up.

2. "집밥 (Home-Cooked Food)" - Kim Bum Soo feat. Geeks

This song gives me all sorts of sentimental feels. It's about being a young adult and living away from home, working hard to establish your own career and life, and all the while missing the comforts of living under your parents' roof and enjoying the taste of your mother's home-cooked meals. I totally cried the first time I heard this song because I'm a huge softie, especially during the part where Kim Bum Soo calls his own mother toward the end of the song. Seriously, you guys, go hug your parents. They're awesome.

3. "Stop Girl" - U-Kiss

I BET NONE OF YOU WERE EXPECTING ME TO POST A U-KISS SONG. But whatever, I don't ONLY just like Korean hip-hop! Whenever this song comes on my iPod or in the car, I have to play it at least twice in a row before I'm okay with moving onto another song. To me, this is one of those perfectly constructed pop songs. You know how everyone and their mom loves Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone"? I feel like everyone and their mom would be crazy not to love "Stop Girl" by U-Kiss too. It's just so catchy, and I love the harmonies in the chorus, especially when they throw in Kevin's ad-libs toward the end.

4. Every Song from Yoon Jong Shin's Monthly Song Project

If you're not super familiar with Yoon Jong Shin, you might remember him as one of the contestants of "Family Outing" with Daesung and Lee Hyori or as a judge on "Superstar K". Yoon Jong Shin is a singer-songwriter who has been around in Korea for a couple decades now. He's the CEO of Mystic89 Entertainment, the home of Eddy Kim, Ga-in, and most recently, MBLAQ's Thunder.
But basically, Yoon Jong Shin is an incredibly talented guy, and every month for the past couple years now, he has released a new song as part of his 'Monthly Song Project'. These songs have ranged from uptempo to ballad and featured a number of collaborators including Seulong of 2AM, Skull & Haha, and Lee Jeok. It's always really exciting when he puts out a new video because each one sounds like it took an incredible amount of time to make when really, he creates them on a month-by-month basis.

5. Wheesung's Dad (Okay, he's not a song.)

Wheesung is like Korea's Dude Mariah Carey, but he had to get his talent from somewhere, right? He and his father performed this awesome cover of "White Butterfly (하얀 나비)" on Immortal Song last year, and it was the best thing ever. His dad is my ultimate bias. (Just kidding. That's creepy. But seriously. This is so good.)
Also, regarding everything going on around the 3:20 mark, going to noraebang with Wheesung's family must suck. Freaking talented people always have to ruin EVERYTHING.
Stop Girl is honestly my favorite U-Kiss song EVER
@MattK95 I like K-Pop boybands sometimes! :((((
This is great, and I will admit I was a little surprised to see U-Kiss here :)
@jiggzy19 It definitely stopped being songs after a certain point, but whatevs. Still underrated, hahaha.
Wow!!! Great list of songs here!!!
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