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I love the street look Taylor Swift is wearing in this picture. It's definitely for the young stylish woman who has to dress a little more appropriately for her office job. (Though I would probably watch the hemline if you're going to bring this into the workplace!) I was able to put her entire outfit together - including her can of Diet Coke - for about $137.63.
I'll admit I wasn't able to find Taylor's bag because I'm pretty sure it's a vintage piece, but I suggested an equally adorable black satchel from ASOS that would definitely be T.Swizzle approved. If you have any other cute black handbag suggestions at good value, comment them below. I'd love to see what we're able to dig up!
Wait I'm so that a dress with the blazer ATTACHED?!
@ArianaVenti @beywatch whether it be dress or blazer it would still look good on her.
@ArianaVenti I was trying to figure that out myself when I was putting this together....
I just notice the diet coke in the fashion collage. lol
:) @beywatch. Yeah, it's totally doable. What you save by shopping at discount fashion retailers can go toward the cost of tailoring.
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