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Whether it's a one-hour test or a 20-min test, using a power meter or just a heart-rate monitor, there are several ways to calculate bio-mechanical data that will allow you to maximize your endurance performance.
Here are the easy steps to calculate your own FTP!
1. Warm up well over a 20-minute period, including a few fast cadence efforts.
2. Do five minutes hard aiming for a tough but sustainable effort.
3. Spin as recovery for 10 minutes.
4. Do your official 20-minute test. The first five minutes should feel difficult but sustainable, the last five should be an “I’m never doing this again” effort.
5. Calculate your FTP: Take 95% of normalized power produced for 20 minutes.
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Interesting, great stuff to know. I wasn't really aware of FTP before this post to be honest, still new to it
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So FTP is where you cross over from anaerobic to aerobic exercise?
3 years ago·Reply
Interesting, is this similar to just calculating heart rate zones?
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