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Take into consideration that some people have different ways of dying there hair with koolaid 1. Boil a pan of water on the stove 2. Take pan of boiling water off the stove then mix whatever color of koolaid you like here are some of the colors you could choose from Cherry= Red Grape= Purple Pink Lemonade=pink blue raspberry= blue those were some of the colors look at your local TArget and Wal-Mart for more 3. Then take the hair preferably washed and dried with no hair products the day before so the hair can absorbed the koolaid better then put hair up in a ponytail 4. Then make sure you have a old shirt on then stick the ends of the hair in the poolside solution to for about two or five minutes depending on how dark or light you want the colors the longer you leave it in their the more darker it will be the shorter amount of time you leave it in their the more lighter it will be. 5. Lastly when you take your hair out of the koolaid solution then take paper towels and get the extra koolaid out of the hair by wrapping the towel around the hair and squeezing gently The colors will fade out in two or four months this hair dye is a temporary solution that will not last forever. I hope you enjoy please check out my other cards and follow plz
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jasmine 47
3 years ago·Reply
can I take a bath right after if not how long does it take Jasmine47
3 years ago·Reply
Obviously not a new thing at all.
2 years ago·Reply
just a caution. I have naturally blonde hair and the cherry koolaide never came out. both me and my sister had to cut the underneath side of our hair out when we both got new jobs because not even dyeing it or striping it took it out. I still have traces of red at the ends and its been two years this past January.
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