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HBO:GO Now Available on PS4
I've definitely been looking forward to this day for awhile. PlayStation just announced today that with the Tuesday update comes the announcement of the HBO GO app for PS4.
Almost four full months after launching on the Xbox One, HBO Go is finally launching on the PS4 later today, closing a major gap in the console's app selection.
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The app functions just like the PS3 version. After you authenticate your PS4 with your current cable/satellite service through HBOGO.com/activate, you’ll be able to watch every episode of every season of HBO’s shows, like True Detective, Silicon Valley and Game of Thrones.
I'm a fan of all of those shows so I was truly excited, until I realized I have Comcast and I won't be able to use it because Comcast doesn't allow access to HBO on PS3 and PS4 (nor Xbox I think).
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