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Back when I was in middle school, I listened to a whole lot of Marilyn Manson, and my parents used to make very annoyed comments about him under their breath. What kind of home life does a guy like Marilyn Manson come from? What do his parents think?
Well, it seems like Vietnam vet Hugh Warner - aka Marilyn Manson's dad - is fully supportive of his son's decades-long commitment to being the creepiest guy at the industry party. So much so that the two will be appearing on the cover of Paper Magazine's March issue in a father-and-son photoshoot done by equally creepy guy, photographer Terry Richardson.
According to the story, Hugh surprised Marilyn at the photoshoot dressed exactly like him from head to toe, complete with Marilyn Manson's trademark goth-glam make-up. The sight of his dad took him completely by surprise. Their first moments in the same room looking something like this:
The apple doesn't really fall too far from the tree, does it? What do you guys think?
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his dad looks more like Beetlejuice in my opinion but other than that it's pretty kool that his family is supportive
@Bert10 Hahaha he does look like Beetlejuice. And yeah, I think it's cool too. They can be a little gross and creepy, but if they're doing it as a family, whatevs.
@darcysdiary He came out around 1993 and is still cranking albums. I would say 96, 97, 99 were biggest years for him is my best guess with like Sweet Dreams, Beautiful People, Dope Show! Can't you hear it in your head? The Beautiful People The Beautiful People... See that stuff gets stuck in your mind! Just like so other songs of today like Happy! Clearly totally world's apart! But if you want some head banging goth without being too dark and angry well MM isn't too bad! He's sort of like Eminem compared to heavy underworld not really public played rap. Meaning you can go really deep on the music level or stay light and fluffy! Still some gestures are gross! Check out his fillm work! Now that is scary!
I think that's great that his father supports him and would do a father and son photo.
@Spinxishr43 I think so too. Even if he's a little weird, families should stick together if they can help it!